M3 Side Skirts | Carbon Fiber | BMW G80 M3
RSC G80 Carbon Fiber Side Skirt for BMW M3
M3 Side Skirts | Carbon Fiber | BMW G80 M3
M3 Side Skirts | Carbon Fiber | BMW G80 M3
M3 Side Skirts | Carbon Fiber | BMW G80 M3
M3 Side Skirts | Carbon Fiber | BMW G80 M3
M3 Side Skirts | Carbon Fiber | BMW G80 M3
M3 Side Skirts | Carbon Fiber | BMW G80 M3
M3 Side Skirts | Carbon Fiber | BMW G80 M3

M3 Side Skirts | Carbon Fiber | BMW G80 M3


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  • Sleek form fitting design that blends perfectly with the body lines 

  • 100% Pre-Impregnated Carbon Fiber "Dry Carbon"

  • Direct Replacement, uses factory hardware 

  • 3K 2x2 Twill Weave 

  • Gloss UV Inhibiting Clear Coat

  • 2 Year Warranty

Clean Sheet Design

Our design team has decades of OEM experience designing organic class-A surfaces that are production quality. If you look closely at RSC products you will notice smooth contours and transitions between complex surfaces that you wont find elsewhere. We spend countless hours prototyping these products and installing them on our test vehicles to ensure the final fit and finish exceeds your expectations. All these little details add up to create that perfect finished look we all strive for on our vehicles.

RSC premium pre-impregnated dry carbon fiber G80 Front Splitter
Ultra premium
Pre-impregnated Carbon Fiber

Sometimes incorrectly referred to as "dry carbon" pre-impregnated carbon fiber is the most expensive carbon fiber manufacturing process and produces the highest quality automotive composites. Our parts are made with the highest quality pre-impregnated carbon fiber and are cured in a state of the art autoclaves to produce a smooth even weave. Each product is then painted utilizing an automotive grade clear coat with the highest quality UV inhibitors to protect against yellowing and discoloration.

Skip the extensions
Real Side Skirts

The RSC G8M Side Skirts are true replacement parts not cheap generic add-ons taped or riveted toy our 100k BMW. These 100% carbon fiber side skirts are installed utilizing the stock tab locations and hole locations and require no cutting or drilling to your vehicle. Simply remove the stock black trim pieces and install the RSC Side Skirts for a true OEM + look

RSC G8M Carbon Fiber Side Skirts for G80 M3
Front view of black G80 M3 with Carbon Fiber Side Skirt and Front Splitter by RSC
Extra Steps
Make all the difference

Our in-house laser scanning and rapid prototyping capabilities allows us to quickly design, test, and refine our products for a precise fit that looks like it came straight from the factory. Just because we don't want our cars to look stock doesn't mean they shouldn't have a fit and finish that looks OEM.

Not just a copy
Unique Solutions

We take pride in coming up with innovative solutions. For example our G8M side skirts utilize plastic push clip retainers instead of the normal tab and tooth design ensuring you won't have to worry about the skirt tabs popping out when the chassis flexes.

RSC G8M Side Skirt Installation Video

RSC G8M Side Skirts Video