Carbon Fiber Body Kits & Accessories

For the discerning automotive enthusiasts

RSC Carbon Fiber Body Kits by Make & Model

Why Discerning Enthusiasts Choose RSC

Looks Matter

Ask our clients and they will tell you "There is nothing else on the market that looks as good as RSC"

Body Kits Experts

It's hard to be the best at anything let alone everything, so we do one thing, and we do it really well; make beautiful body kits and carbon fiber accessories.

Finish Quality

Through a combination of high quality raw materials and a thorough multi-stage QC process; RSC carbon fiber looks better than the rest

UV Inhibiting Clear Coat

RSC products are painted with OEM quality UV Inhibiting Clear Coat and feature a 2 year warranty to ensure your parts don't discolor or peel over time

Located in Columbus, Ohio

Real people you can reach on the phone. Tech support available M-F 9am-5pm. Shipping times of 2-4 days in the United States. 1-2 weeks worldwide.

Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber

Just like all major car manufacturers; RSC only uses pre-impregnated carbon fiber with the highest quality epoxy resins & UV inhibitors to create the lightest strongest part possible