High Performance Air Filters for Lamborghini Aventador


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RSC's Lamborghini Aventador High Performance Air Filters were designed using the same technology that made our Aston Martin filters an industry standard.

The extra deep pleats of double-layered cotton create a 10-15% increase in the filtration surface allowing more air to pass through the filter without sacrificing filtration. The specially designed filtration material we have selected can filter particles as small as 5 microns keeping your drivetrain clean and fresh for years to come.

Our filters feature an all steal mesh to increase strength and preserve the shape of the filter in the most extreme conditions. Our filters utilize a hand-molded, flexible rubber base to offer an air tight seal and help absorb any vibrations. Each mold is CNC'd to assure proper fitment of the end product. Made using a complec 4 step process to virtually eliminate rubber seapage and maintain maximum airflow throughout the filter.

The RSC Filters will:

- Flow more air without sacrificing filtration
- Increases torque
- Horsepower
- Fuel economy

Built strong to withstand engine intake pressure.
Filters are Washable and reusable.
Comes with our 100,000 mile guarantee. Made in the USA!