2018+ Aston Martin Vantage ECU Tune V8 Turbo M177


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2018+ Aston Martin Vantage ECU Tune For M177 V8 4.0 Twin Turbo Engines

Stock HP: 503

Stock TQ: 505 Lb-Ft

Tuned HP: 578

Tuned TQ: 690 Lb-Ft

Tuning available via OBD port or you can mail your ECUs to RSC Tuning.

For the last 10 years RSC Tuning has been testing and refining tuning programs for Aston Martin vehicles, and over 4 years on the M176/177/178 Platform used in many of the Mercedes AMGs we've tuned over the last few years. This experience allowed us to quickly extract maximum performance from the Aston's unique M177 variant.

Developed with the goal of transforming your Mercedes sourced V8 Twin Turbo powerplant by unleashing the power that has been regrettably detuned from the factory. Having owned a M177 (C63S Coupe) ourselves we know first hand what this motor is capable of and how to get the most out of this unique hot V configuration. We don't just tune for maximum power, we tune for driveability & a headache free ownership experience. We worked to develop crisp throttle response with predictive power curves so that the car behaves the way you want it to when you want it to. We don't try to push every single variable to the max, but instead cherry pick the areas for improvement based on a complicated cost benefit analysis to maximize your performance relative to reliability.