Lamborghini Gallardo Test-Pipes (Race Car Use Only)


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RSC Tuning Lamborghini Gallardo Cat-Bypass Pipes / Test Pipes The RSC Tuning Cat Bypass system is constructed with high quality T304L Stainless steel and hand tig welded.

The pieces are polished to a brushed finish to produce a high quality and aesthetically pleasing part. These are highly recommended for pre-LP cars by Lamborghini Technicians due to the orientation and placement of the factory catalytic converter and its propensity to collect unburnt fuel. Another issue is as the converter ages the honeycomb begins to break down. After a full throttle acceleration and lift off, the vacuum created in the exhaust system can on occasion suck the honeycomb material back into the combustion chamber and cause catastrophic failure.

Available for Race Cars Only NOT STREET LEGAL