RSC GT Carbon Fiber Aero Kit for C8 Corvette Stingray
C8 Corvette GT Aero Kit in Dallas Texas by RSC
C8 Corvette Stingray equipped with RSC GT Carbon Fiber Aero Kit
RSC Carbon fiber Ducktail Spoiler for C8 Corvette Stingray
RSC Carbon Fiber GT Front Splitter for C8 Corvette Stingray
RSC Carbon Fiber GT Side Skirts for C8 Corvette
RSC Carbon fiber Rear Diffuser for C8 Corvette
Carbon Fiber Rear Engine Hatch Vents for C8 Corvette by RSC
RSC Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers for C8 Corvette
RSC Carbon Fiber Front Intake Vents for C8 Corvette
RSC Carbon Fiber B Pillar Covers for C8 Corvette Stingray  Edit alt text
RSC Carbon Fiber GT Body Kit for C8 Corvette Stingray

GT Aero Kit | 9 Piece Body Kit Package | Carbon Fiber | Corvette C8


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  • Complete carbon fiber body kit for C8 Corvette Stingray model year 2020-Present

  • This package consists of 9 of our most popular carbon accessories & aero parts - see below for a listing of each part included with the GT Aero Kit

  • All parts are 100% autoclave cured pre-impregnated carbon fiber 

  • 3K 2x2 twill weave matches factory carbon fiber parts

  • RSC premium UV inhibiting clear coat formula

  • 2 Year Warranty 

Functional Beauty
RSC GT Front Splitter

The RSC Carbon Fiber GT Front Splitter is the perfect blend of agression and functional aerodynamics. The CFD and track tested GT Splitter produces addtional downforce and reduces understeer at high speeds. Featuring a design language that matches pefectly to your C8 this timeless design will enhance the look of your C8 for years to come. The GT Splitter is installed using factory hardware and mounting locations found on all C8 Corvettes.

RSC Carbon Fiber Rear Ducktail Spoiler

The GT Spoiler set the world on fire in 2020 when we first launched it. We have even received compliments from multiple GM designers and engineers regarding this part as one of the only aftermarket parts they would consider on their C8. Known for its clean organic surfaces and smooth lines nothing else on the market compares. We have tested over 15 different versions of this spoiler on our C8 Corvette to calibrate the look and overall volume so that it looks perfect on your C8. This piece is made from the finest pre-impregnated carbon fiber with a deep gloss clearcoat and clean consistent carbon weave, free of defects. Installed via the existing mounting locations on Z51 equipped C8s and supplied with 3M double sided tape. CFD & track tested, like all C8 GT Aero Kit parts and proven to produce additional downforce and lower lap times.

The no flap design
RSC GT Side Skirts

Developed with a clean sheet mentality, featuring a uniquely contoured design that fits against the C8 rocker panel. These skirts make your C8 appear wider and lower to the ground and best of all, they don't have the offset flap design seen on the 5VM Skirts. The RSC GT Side Skirts attach via existing hardware and fastening locations along with the supplied 3M double-sided tape to ensure no modification to your vehicle is necessary and the skirts are totally reversible.

Engineered with you in mind
RSC GT Rear Diffuser for C8 Corvette

RSC has focused on engineering body parts in CAD since 2009, and our engineering team has over 20 years of OEM engineering experience prior to that. Our workflow starts by reverse engineering the stock mounting locations to create a 3D replica of the C8 Bumper. Then we prototype each part and do test installations so that we can ensure a clean headache free experience for our valued installation partners and end users. Once we know the fit and look of a part is perfect, we invest in producing high quality tooling to ensure our hard work is translated to our production parts. The RSC GT Rear Diffuser features a unique diffuser design that is more aggressive while still maintaining a factory look. Clean and simple installation is always one of our top priorities. The RSC GT Rear Diffuser attaches by utilizing factory clips and tab locations to produce a clean fit and finish that can't be beat.

Premium Fit & Finish
RSC Carbon Fiber Hatch Vents

We strive to create products known for their long-lasting durability and precise fitment. The RSC Rear Hatch Vents are another example of this philosophy at work. Featuring little customizations like brass inserts and the ability to re-utilize your factory mesh grills to produce a high quality look. We know many of our Corvette clients might spend more time cleaning their car than driving it, and we work each day to make sure our products preserve the clean fit and finish with the factory quality look they demand.

Real Carbon Fiber Replacement Parts
RSC Carbon Fiber Engine Intake Side Vents

Our Carbon Fiber Side Intake Vents for the Corvette C8 Stingray - sometimes referred to as "Boomerangs" are a direct replacement to your OEM side vents. They are not another cheap overlay part. This side vent package consists of 4 individuals piece that are manufactured out of 100% pre-preg Carbon Fiber and finished with our premium UV-inhibiting gloss clear coat. RSC's premium 3k 2x2 twill carbon fiber weave will perfectly complement any factory carbon fiber components on your C8 Corvette

RSC Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers

The RSC Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers are a direct replacement mirror covers that attach to your mirror housing via the factory clip and tab locations, NOT an overlay. These covers install by removing the factory painted piece and replacing it with our carbon fiber versions. We strive to create products that fit like OEM parts while giving your car the bespoke appearance that sets your C8 apart from the crowd

Details Matter
RSC Carbon Fiber Front Intake Vents

The RSC Carbon Fiber Front Intake Vents are a great way to demonstrate that you are focused on these details. The front intake vents are a direct replacement part with all the factory clip and screw locations built in for a easy and clean installation with no cutting or drilling to your vehicle.

Precise Engineering
RSC Carbon Fiber B Pillar Trim Covers

After receiving multiple calls from clients who were dissatisfied with the other options in the marketplace, RSC went to work reverse engineering the C8 Corvette B-pillar covers to design these pieces to wrap precisely wrap around the edges and ensure total coverage. We went the extra mile to make sure these were the best-fitting trim pieces available even factoring in the tape thickness to ensure proper fit. We try not to make overlays whenever possible but after speaking with multiple customers we collectively decided an overlay was the best option for this particular part.

Carbon Fiber for Show Cars

Established in 2007, we have spent over 14 years cultivating long-lasting relationships with the most talented Carbon Fiber manufacturers. Our products are known for having the straightest and most imperfection-free weave quality and consistency. Our products feature a deep luscious clear coat finish that we know discerning carbon fiber aficionados crave for their C8 show cars. Made with the same manufacturing process as our Lamborghini products; nothing else in the market compares to an RSC GT Aero Kit.

Functional Aerodynamics
Enhanced downforce with minimal drag

We work closely with a team of Aerodynamicists who currently work in Formula 1, IMSA, Indycar, WEC, and other major racing series. The GT Aero Kit brings true racecar technology to your C8 Corvette by creating additional downforce with minimal increases in drag to reduce lap times and increase performance. When you purchase the GT Aero Kit you can rest assured you are buying a package with thourough research and development that went into each product to produce a package resulting in improved performance as opposed to just looking cool.

Clean Sheet Design

We spent months designing the perfect carbon fiber aero kit for your C8. Utilizing our in-house rapid prototyping process allowed us to create multiple versions of these parts and test each of them on our C8 Corvette. Making multiple prototypes and designs enabled us to calibrate the proportions and volume of these parts to perfectly match your C8. Our complex organic surfacing tools produce smooth curves with rounded edges that match the C8 OEM Design language.

2 Year Warranty

We know our product is the best because our clients tell us on a regular basis. RSC has been selling Carbon Fiber since 2007 and have the experience to ensure our products hold up. That is why we are one of the few companies to actually offer a warranty against defects or flaws in our products for 2 years. After which we will still work with clients on a case by case basis to resolve their issues